he just sums up his life in 2 sentences 

Dylan O’Brien in The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner was good and Dylan O’Brien was amazing in it, but tbh it felt pretty choppy/rushed and they missed some important events from the book

Everything Has Changed on loop! Obsessed with this song!!!!!

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Just when I think I finally let big time rush go…i end up buying Happy Mistakes on amazon


Dylan ~ Live With Kelly

The Mighty Gladers

the mccall pack. 
season four.

Happy 25th Birthday, Logan Henderson

Kendall francis Schmidt is 20 min away from my house … 😢

Doctor: You’ll get over her, Isaac. Just takes a little bit of time. You’ll see.
Isaac: Did he seriously just say you’ll see?


"If you as Tyler could give Derek any advice, what do you say to him?"